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[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 106 (Commodore Force Issue 16)

Keywords: ihe; lor; commodore; poke; tor; iho; hie; gel; vou; games; commodore force; select ihe; reel action; level level; infinite lives; ihe lirst; ihe game; ihe fire; hit ihe; press fire
Downloads: 636
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 105 (Commodore Force Issue 15)

Keywords: ihe; examine; commodore; tor; lor; poke; thai; game; games; vou; commodore force; reel action; super mario; machine code; order form; disk drive; arcade adventure
Downloads: 593
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 104 (Commodore Force Issue 14)

Keywords: ihe; commodore; lor; data; games; tor; thai; itie; poke; yoj; commodore force; background colour; reel action; super mario; press fire; software houses; responsible lor; reach ihe; low chops; ihe second
Downloads: 473
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 103 ((Commodore Force Issue 13)

Keywords: ihe; poke; gel; commodore; lor; games; game; tor; thai; jump; hit squad; commodore force; reel action; credit card; tape head; super mario; special offer; rick dangerous; machine code; landscape editor
Downloads: 456
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 102 ((Commodore Force Issue 12)

Keywords: ihe; lor; commodore; thai; games; bul; tor; gel; game; amiga; commodore force; platform game; lor ihe; reel action; ihe game; binary zone; tape head; super mario; public domain; machine code
Downloads: 448
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 101 (Commodore Force Issue 11)

Keywords: ihe; commodore; games; sprite; lor; tor; game; lives; autumn; arcade; lives lives; hit squad; commodore force; reel action; lives level; enter door; street fighter; rainbow islands; platform games; impact magazines
Downloads: 475
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 100 (Commodore Force Issue 10)

Keywords: ihe; lor; commodore; thai; amiga; bul; tor; data; games; poke; commodore force; hit squad; lor ihe; ihe game; shropshire sys; ihe screen; ihe amiga; amiga force; three levels; tape head
Downloads: 495
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 99 (Commodore Force Issue 09)

Keywords: lor; ihe; commodore; tor; game; thai; nol; bul; wilh; disk; commodore force; ihe game; reel action; prism leisure; ihe best; ihe besi; lor ihe; ihe data; force issue; disk drive
Downloads: 297
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 98 (Commodore Force Issue 08)

Keywords: ihe; lor; bul; erm; commodore; thai; wilh; game; tor; gel; hit squad; commodore force; reel action; lives level; shrinking sphere; park patrol; item item; infy lives; ihe game; ihe days
Downloads: 486
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 97 (Commodore Force Issue 07)

Keywords: ihe; commodore; lor; thai; games; gel; bul; game; tor; graphics; hit squad; commodore force; player mode; fun school; tape head; reel action; red cross; machine code; ihe lime; disk drive
Downloads: 391
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 96 (Commodore Force Issue 06)

Keywords: ihe; commodore; tor; games; thai; game; wilh; lor; ihis; bul; commodore force; street fighter; fun school; binary zone; reel action; mjc price; impact magazines; ihe game; great deal; championship squash
Downloads: 332
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 95 (Commodore Force Issue 05)

Keywords: commodore; ihe; tor; screen; game; data; lor; disk; games; cass; commodore force; code masters; fun school; hit squad; swap ihe; action replay; tape head; street fighter; parasol stars; lethal weapon
Downloads: 524
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 94 (Commodore Force Issue 04)

Keywords: ihe; commodore; lor; tor; game; games; gel; thai; bul; wilh; commodore force; hit squad; fun school; machine code; kill ihe; drop ihe; binary zone; street fighter; left three; ihe game
Downloads: 547
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 93 (Commodore Force Issue 03)

Keywords: commodore; ihe; seymour; erm; game; tor; lor; games; joystick; squad; hit squad; commodore force; prism leisure; europress impact; disk drive; colour printer; action replay; tape head; dear commodore; binary zone
Downloads: 415
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 92 (Commodore Force Issue 02)

Keywords: ihe; commodore; tor; lor; bul; game; wilh; gel; games; ihis; commodore force; tape head; silica systems; ihe game; big box; space bar; safe card; prices include; ihe commodore; hard drive
Downloads: 672
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue Issue 91 (Commodore Force Issue 01)

Keywords: ihe; lor; commodore; erm; tor; wilh; games; ihis; gel; game; commodore force; infinite lives; lives infinite; silica systems; ihe game; dear lloyd; larry horsfield; enemy base; action replay; wilh ihe
Downloads: 444
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 21 (1986-1987 Christmas Special)

Keywords: game; ihe; sca; thai; zzapi; lor; ihc; tor; ttie; christmas special; ihe game; luxury item; super huey; fire button; arcade adventure; years ago; software houses; shropshire sys; arcade game
Downloads: 658
[software]Zzap!64 Program Disks Collection
Archive of Program Disks related to various Zzap!64 Magazine issues.
Downloads: 147
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 107

Keywords: games; game; commodore; graphics; poke; data; issue; aliens; gameplay; metal warrior; disk drive; gold medal; gary penn; binary zone; power supply; ice guys; def guide; martin galway; international karate
Downloads: 447
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 090

Keywords: ihe; lor; commodore; thai; tor; game; crate; gel; bul; ttie; ihe game; push ihe; commodore force; silica systems; prices include; ihe lift; ihe crate; block marked; tape head; suction feet
Downloads: 533
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 089

Keywords: ihe; jump; gel; lor; game; thai; games; bul; tor; ihey; press fire; ihe game; tape head; silica systems; press rre; grand prix; credit card; cheques payable
Downloads: 358
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 088

Keywords: ihe; lor; erm; tor; jump; game; games; bul; thai; vou; push block; ihe game; virtual reality; legend quest; long jump; arcade action; tape head; summer games; prices include; ihe ladder
Downloads: 819
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 087

Keywords: ihe; lor; game; wilh; thai; games; oul; bul; ihal; tor; ihe game; silica systems; long wave; ihe ball; arcade adventure; wave radio; radio atlantic; prices include; microprose soccer; ihe graphics
Downloads: 567
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 086

Keywords: ihe; lor; game; thai; gel; tor; wilh; bul; vou; zzapi; ihe game; silica systems; chuck rock; search ihe; lor ihe; levels levels; indiana jones; great fun
Downloads: 1,935
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 085

Keywords: ihe; game; lor; zzapi; gel; thai; tor; wilh; bul; games; ihe game; action replay; eame boy; credit card; zzapi towers; window ledge; space bar; solo games; sly spy; prices include
Downloads: 584
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 084

Keywords: ihe; game; lor; bul; tor; screen; ttie; thai; gel; ihe game; wilh; great fun; cue ball; tape head; ian osborne; commodore format; board game
Downloads: 630
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 083

Keywords: ihe; game; lor; thai; gel; tor; games; ttie; zzapi; arcade; ihe game; ihe screen; april fool; space gun; space bar; slough feg; photon paint; phil king; ian osborne; fatty phil
Downloads: 593
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 082

Keywords: ihe; lor; game; zzapi; tor; thai; wilh; ihis; gel; ttie; lor ihe; ihe screen; ihe race; ihe game; fire button; circular saws; bonus awarded; targeting cursor; tai chi; special bonus
Downloads: 595
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 081

Keywords: ihe; lor; tor; game; gel; data; preferred; zzapi; ttie; whirling; whirling blades; triple shot; winter camp; jonny quest; hudson hawk; blues brothers; trivial pursuit; vertically scrolling; three times; super space
Downloads: 522
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 080

Keywords: ihe; data; game; lor; thai; games; lhe; graphics; magic; spy; infy lives; ihe game; games pack; fun school; pressing fire; press fire; great game; fire button; double dragon; tor ihe
Downloads: 518
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 079

Keywords: ihe; tor; lor; thai; amiga; graphics; game; loodata; disk; ttie; silica systems; press fire; hudson hawk; dear lloyd; credit card; cartoon classics; wrestling federation; vertically scrolling; tib drive; tape disc
Downloads: 1,009
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 078

Keywords: ihe; data; game; erm; wilh; bul; games; commodore; spy; software; ihe game; fire buttons; software houses; disk drive; special features; silica systems; fire button; water bucket; software support; software shops
Downloads: 482
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 077

Keywords: ihe; game; thai; games; data; wilh; bul; graphics; screen; gel; cargo cruiser; star base; high score; freescape games; battle cruisers; ihe game; dear lloyd; winter camp; torture screen; stuart wynne
Downloads: 765
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 076

Keywords: ihe; game; poke; games; bul; data; wilh; thai; ttie; disk; ihe game; dear lloyd; ninja spirit; ihe best; great fun; fun school; bonus items; action replay; top cat; time zone
Downloads: 825
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 075

Keywords: poke; ihe; game; thai; data; games; graphics; bul; zzapi; gel; dear lloyd; ihe game; torture screen; lone wolf; mail order; energy lines; press fire; original games; level three; kill ihe
Downloads: 889
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 074

Keywords: ihe; game; games; poke; thai; lhe; wilh; amiga; data; gel; dear lloyd; ihe game; data lines; torture screen; reset switch; hit return; intermission screen; credit card; action replay; wilh ihe
Downloads: 598
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 073

Keywords: ihe; amiga; lhe; wilh; game; thai; mode; tor; ond; rhe; ihe game; weapons mode; software houses; shadow dancer; mail order; interrupt time; credit card; weapon weapon; torture screen; sudden death
Downloads: 626
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 072

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; game; ore; games; bul; iha; wilh; gome; sale sale; dear lloyd; mail order; ihe game; amiga version; argon factor; ocean software; gold medal; hulk hogan; future iii
Downloads: 1,097
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 071

Keywords: ihe; ond; amiga; game; bul; wilh; lor; ore; graphics; thai; fire buttons; sale sale; ihe game; high score; dear lloyd; score table; fire button; credit card; total recall; title screen
Downloads: 407
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 070

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; tor; lor; game; bul; wilh; ttie; ore; good fun; training mode; summer camp; mail order; double dragon; video tape; software house; sim city; laser gun; iron man
Downloads: 623
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 069

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; graphics; tor; wilh; bul; game; ore; lor; mail order; ihe amiga; art studio; wilh ihe; time zone; silica shop; shooting gallery; reset switch; ihe game; deluxe paint
Downloads: 530
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 068

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; game; graphics; commodore; tor; bul; rhe; wilh; ihe game; diamond pack; vat diamond; system amiga; second level; press fire; dear uoyd; mail order; disk drive; credit card
Downloads: 543
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 067

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; tor; ttie; commodore; ore; bul; games; game; poke poke; mail order; ihe game; colour monitor; diamond pack; advanced art; video camera; vat diamond; turns processed; system amiga
Downloads: 683
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 066

Keywords: ihe; amiga; ond; erm; game; graphics; lor; bul; games; tor; sale sale; iron man; ihe game; nova trigger; diamond pack; colour monitor; vat diamond; trading post; system amiga; software limited
Downloads: 634
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 065

Keywords: amiga; ihe; game; ond; graphics; lhe; lor; jon barry; ttie; tor; thai; ihe game; sale sale; diamond pack; vat diamond; system amiga; silica shop; skill levels; rainbow islands; mail order
Downloads: 1,237
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 064

Keywords: ihe; amiga; game; gel; lor; disk; ihc; tor; commodore; graphics; disk drive; diamond pack; zzapt august; system amiga; software houses; silica shop; sale sale; amiga owners; press fire; flashing cross
Downloads: 617
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 063

Keywords: ihe; amiga; game; graphics; tor; gel; bul; ttie; lor; thai; fire buttons; diamond pack; system amiga; silica shop; sale sale; rainbow islands; fire button; colour monitor; art studio; arcade action
Downloads: 683
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 062

Keywords: ihe; amiga; game; ttie; graphics; lor; iha; thai; jump; sale sale; good idea; diamond pack; third place; system amiga; puzzle factor; colour monitor; vector graphics; third door; credit card
Downloads: 973
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 061

Keywords: ihe; amiga; game; graphics; thai; brendan; lor; gel; vou; sale sale; hook ability; dear lloyd; amiga version; player manager; amiga game; soft options; offer amiga; puzzle factor; mail order
Downloads: 798
[texts]ZZap!64 Magazine Issue 060

Keywords: ihe; amiga; graphics; game; thai; games; ttie; bul; lor; sale sale; dear lloyd; computer games; mail order; time limit; puzzle factor; ihe game; amiga game; special offers; soft options
Downloads: 541
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